Update: 22.10.2020


View the updated Risk Assessment for Scotland including wearing a mask within workplaces here and under the UK-wide Risk Assessment here.


Update: 12.08.2020

We hope you, your colleagues and family remain well during this unusual and challenging year.

We are delighted to see familiar faces returning into the workplace and wanted to remind you that we are fully compliant with COVID-SECURE, including the recent update to support 1m+ guidelines within your office space as well as the 2m spacing within all common areas.

Take a look at the steps we have implemented to create a safer workplace:

Professional Distancing (2)


We are committed to continuing protecting our workspaces with Zoono fogging which places a none chemical antibacterial coating onto the common area surfaces which mechanically kills the virus. For more details, please contact your centre team.


For additional comfort and to create a safer environment in the workplace, we have recently introduced green and red badges to let everyone know your social distancing preference. Those can be found at the reception, and more details are available via your centre team. 


We look forward to seeing you again soon. 

The Orega Team



Update: 17.06.2020


As the UK continues to get back to work, we keep reviewing how we add to the Orega COVID-SECURE plans to give you, our customers, colleagues and guests even more confidence.


From this week, we are providing a preventative residual anti-microbial treatment in all Orega centres. 


What does that mean? 


We will treat all our common areas and surfaces with a protective coating where microbes and viruses, including COVID-19, cannot survive on.


How does it work?


Applied as a mist, the treatment leaves behind a dry monomolecular layer that is permanently bonded to that surface.


The molecule resembles an anti-microbial spike piercing the microorganism. The "vibration" in the layer of spikes disrupts the complex molecular structure of cell walls, membranes of bacteria, fungi as well as the structure of viruses. 


When the mist has bonded to a surface, it provides continuous protection and kills any new pathogens repeatedly for up to 30 days.


The treatment process has commenced, and your centre manager can advise when this is happening in your centre. The majority of the treatment is happening in the evening. If it occurs during the working day, the space will only be unable to use for a short period of time. The treatment does not pose a risk as it is water-based, gentle and certified as "food safe".


Many clients have asked us about 'managing toilets' as per recent public health guidance. This treatment reduces the risk, meaning cleaning is not required each time the toilet is used. Please look out for signage to see where it has been done. For centres where the treatment has not been completed, cleaning products will be available in each toilet. However, we actively encourage the best hygiene and diligence as a top priority.


Some further questions and answers


Does it work against COVID-19?

Yes, it has been independently lab tested as effective against COVID-19.


Doesn't cleaning remove the protective treatment?

No, the treatment bonds to the surface and cannot be removed – even by chlorine cleaning. This has been independently lab tested out to 30 days (PAS2424).


Does it affect allergies?

Through independent lab testing, no allergy-related concerns have been identified.


Is it safe for IT equipment - PCs, phones, etc.?

The fogging (mist) application does not affect desktop IT equipment. However, it is not recommended for sensitive/open cased IT equipment just as server rooms.


Is it safe for kitchen areas?

Yes, the treatment is classed as "food safe". 


Does it damage personal items such as clothes?

The treatment is approved as a fabric treatment; however, as it is applied as a fine mist, we would recommend removing any particularly water-sensitive items such as suede, etc.


Is it safe for humans?

Yes, the treatment is water-based, gentle and approved as "food safe".


If you would like your workspace to receive this treatment - please talk to the Centre Manager as soon as possible.


The Orega Team



Update: 20.05.2020


What will coming back to work look like for our clients, colleagues and visitors?

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers we have had from our clients and colleagues to help you understand what returning to our centres will look like once we are allowed, and it's safe to do so. 



How will I access the building and business centre once lockdown is lifted?

Both the buildings and business centres have been accessible throughout the lockdown period and will continue to remain open. As before, you will still require your access cards and keys. If you have lost your access card, please contact your centre team, and we can replace this for you at your cost.

Will the lifts be in use?

The lifts will be in use, but restrictions will be in place. We are working with building management to understand what these will be, and each individual building will follow a bespoke plan. Please speak to your centre team to get more information.

How will you improve air quality?

With our landlord partners, we will be monitoring the quality of our filtration systems, if needed increasing our fresh air intake and restricting the re-circulation of air within our buildings. Currently, there is no evidence to suggest COVID-19 remains airborne for long periods. The virus is said to be through contact with contaminated surfaces and that droplets settle within 2 metres. Therefore, the spread through air conditioning is thought to be minimal. 

Emergency Procedures

We are currently reviewing all emergency procedures to deliver a safe environment for all our clients, colleagues and visitors. With this in mind, currently, there has been no advice given on changing the fire evacuation procedure, therefore as it stands, we ask that you continue to adhere to the policy set out by your company and follow instruction from the centre teams in the event of a fire.  We will be providing you with further updates related to your specific business centre and communicating any changes as advised by the government and HSE.

More information to follow - We will be sending out a more detailed breakdown of what our building management partners will be implementing in your buildings in due course.




During lockdown has my office been cleaned?

Offices have been regularly cleaned throughout lockdown, regardless of occupancy. We are working closely with our cleaning teams to ensure all main touchpoints are priorities, lift buttons, door handles, phones etc. We have thoroughly cleaned and sanitised all communal areas and will continue to do so.

What additional cleaning practices have been introduced?

We have reviewed all our current cleaning practices and are working closely with our cleaning companies to ensure the greatest attention is given to the cleaning of our centres and your offices.

We will continue to focus on cleaning high-frequency touchpoints each evening such as door handles and light switches. We have also increased our cleaning frequency for all high-risk areas such as reception areas, lift lobby, toilets, breakout spaces, meeting rooms and tea points.

We have provided sanitiser throughout the centres for client use and cleaning wipes in our meeting rooms.

Our centre teams will also be conducting regular spot cleans ensuring all hand contact points are cleaned on a frequent basis throughout the day including, door furniture, handrails, IT equipment, desks, phones, push plates, taps, dispensers, toilets, kitchens and tea points.

COVID-19 case cleaning – see 'CONCERNS OVER A COVID-19 CASE' section below



What do I now need to do when I arrive at the Centre?

Sanitise on entry, with the hand sanitisers provided, respect social distancing in all areas. 

We have put together a visitor guide for all visitors coming into the centre to follow detailing the measure laid out and what is expected of them – available at reception.  

How will you protect your clients and visitors in the reception area?

We have already removed all the touch screens from our reception areas and signing in will now be done by our reception team on your behalf.

We have screens at reception*, placed 2-metre waiting spots on the floors in our receptions, advising people where to stand and wait to be greeted at reception. We are asking people to please respect the social distancing rules. 

Hand sanitiser and tissues will be available on all Orega receptions. We have issued our teams with gloves and face masks to be worn at reception. We will also provide cleaning wipes to clean after each interaction.

*currently awaiting delivery of screens

How will you encourage and promote personal hygiene in your centres?

We are continuing to promote handwashing for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Sanitising stations will be installed at all main entrances and high-risk areas. Our centre teams will be promoting good personal hygiene to clients and visitors. Signage has been placed around our business centres as a reminder.

How do you plan to introduce and maintain social distancing in communal and shared spaces such as lounges, tea points and receptions?

We have placed 2-meter floor spots for clients and visitors to adhere to throughout our business centres, along with a one-way traffic flow system. We are asking our clients and visitors to respect the 2-metre social distancing rules at all times, including the use of alternate seats in breakout spaces. 



What will you be doing to protect Orega Colleagues?

As stated in how we will protect clients and visitors in reception above plus, hand sanitiser will be provided throughout our centres, in tea points, meeting rooms, communal areas, and toilets.

We are also providing cleaning wipes for teams to sanitise phones, laptops and work surfaces throughout the working day. Appropriate PPE will be provided to centre teams, and colleagues will be following social distancing practices.



Will there be a member of the Orega team onsite to assist me? Will we still be able to engage with the Orega centre teams in person?

There will always be a member of the Orega team in the centre to help and assist you with anything you need Monday to Friday. Our centre teams will be practising social distancing. Your centre team will also be available via phone or email. 

What changes will be made to visitor sign in?

For visitors we have prepared instructions for you to issue via email pre-arrival, visitors will need to report to reception, where a member of the Orega team will sign them in and this guidance will be advised again.  For visitor guidance, click here.

Am I able to still book and use meeting rooms?

Yes, our meeting rooms are still available to book and use between Monday – Friday. Please discuss your requirement with your centre team and they will be happy to make arrangements to cater to your needs.

What hygiene and social distancing standards have been introduced for meeting room usage?

Sanitiser stations and cleaning wipes have been provided in our meeting rooms. Meetings will no longer be bookable back to back; we will now allow half an hour between bookings to enable a thorough clean of the space; this will also allow time for air quality improvements. Our centre team will be provided with anti-bacterial cleaning products and appropriate PPE to enable them to refresh the rooms thoroughly between bookings.

When using our meeting rooms, we encourage using alternate seating. We are limiting the number of people permitted in each meeting room until further notice. To reduce any inconvenience, this may cause we will be upgrading groups to larger rooms.

We offer large screens, with cameras and microphones, in many centres, therefore where possible consider conducting video calls/meetings to keep meeting sizes down and limit in-person interaction.

Meeting Room catering options are currently being reviewed. We are in discussions with our partners and suppliers, and we are looking at a limited offering of pre-packaged refreshments; more details will be shared in due course.

What happens with my post/deliveries? How will I get this?

As usual, our centre teams will deliver this to your offices if you are an office client of ours. Our colleagues will be wearing appropriate PPE and will clean doors, and any areas touched once delivered.

All office clients can still visit the centre to collect mail. Alternatively, the onsite team can open and scan your mail to you. Please speak to your centre team to arrange.

Please note, we will no longer be able to accept personal deliveries sent to the centres. The government have advised that we restrict this service to reduce contact for our teams.



What recommendations can you make for our workspace?

You are responsible for the health and wellbeing of your staff and colleagues, while within your offices.

We advise that you use the latest government advice as a guide: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19/offices-and-contact-centres.

This details ideas and suggestions on how to get your teams back into the workplace safely and in a phased approach, increasing the space in-between desks or introducing panels between desks.

It is highly recommended that you provide hand sanitiser and cleaning wipes for your office so your colleagues can sanitise keyboards, desks and phones regularly.

We have sourced clear screens/panels that you can purchase and put up in-between workstations where it is not possible to distance your teams.

We would suggest providing signage to display in your office, promoting good personal hygiene and social distancing practices.

Complete a risk assessment for your organisation, and if you employ more than 50 employees, this should be displayed on your website.

We recommend a clear desk policy so our cleaning team can thoroughly wipe desks and surfaces each evening.

Will some of the spare offices be available to use for free if needed to ensure social distancing?

Where available and subject to prior booking in accordance with our fair use policy. Please speak to our centre teams for more details.  



I want to report a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case - who should I contact?

If you have a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 within your company, please call or email your centre team as soon as possible.

If you would like to report a case outside of our operating hours, please call 0800 840 5509.

What cleaning will take place for confirmed cases?

We will provide a full surface/touchpoints clean of all communal spaces and impacted office for confirmed cases.

What cleaning will take place for suspected cases?

We will continue to focus on cleaning high-frequency touchpoints each evening and throughout the day such as door handles and light switches. We have also increased our cleaning frequency for all high-risk areas such as reception areas, lift lobby, toilets, breakout spaces, meeting rooms and tea points.

If you would like a full clean of your office for a suspected case, please contact your centre team to discuss options.

Are you using ‘misting’ to clean the space?

At this point, no. This is a one-off clean, which is effective until the space is used again due to contamination through contact.   

Are you implementing ‘track and trace’?

Not at this point, in the event we have a confirmed case within the centre, we will email our main contact in your business to cascade. 


You can download the full FAQ's here.



Update: 25.03.2020

Dear Orega customers,

We hope you, your family and colleagues are well over this challenging period.

We wanted to touch base and share our responses to the most frequently asked questions we have received from our customers this week:


Why is my OREGA Centre still open?

The centre being open provides:

Support to “Essential Workers”, today we have 70 people based across our portfolio of centres with a range of roles to support the fight against COVID-19. We need to provide access to physical space to conduct this work, continue providing telephony services and IT Platforms to enable both office and home working. In the event there was an issue, we would be able to access the comms room at your centre to allow a quick response to keep both yours and the rest of our customers’ businesses working.

As people are in the centres, we also need to meet the minimum health & safety requirements to provide both a fire marshal and first aid services. All our employees are qualified in both of these areas.


What is OREGA doing to protect its colleagues?

We have taken significant steps to place as many people as we can working from home, all of our HQ are working from home, and currently, 75% of the customer-facing teams are at home and on call should we need them.

Our employees who still need to travel into our centres are both working and travelling in line with Government advised social distancing guidelines. We continue to have the highest hygiene practises and have maintained full cleaning schedules, with a focus on all touchpoints within our spaces despite the reduced numbers on site.

We have no vulnerable people or people who care for vulnerable people working in our centres. These people have been working from home since the start of last week as advised.

We take the health and safety of our employees and customers extremely seriously.


I am not using the space currently. Will OREGA expect me to pay for our space?

Yes. We need to work together, act responsibly, meet contractual commitments and look to the government for support, for example utilising the employer retention and business disruption schemes.

We are here if you need to discuss your situation and will do all we can to help. As we are not an owner of real estate and are a medium-sized enterprise who are committed to meeting our contractual and financial responsibilities throughout this difficult time, we need to all work together to make sure that we can overcome this difficult situation.


Are you getting business rates relief?

The current government position

    • The rates holiday that has been discussed by the Government so far relates exclusively to retail, leisure & hospitality premises and does not relate to office accommodation or any retail, leisure & hospitality organisations office space.
    • Empty Rates relief does not apply because the office is not regarded as empty. It may be unoccupied as you may be able to work from home during this time. The local authorities do not consider this as fitting the definition required for Empty Business Rate relief.


Orega is pursuing all avenues to reduce costs, as we too have contractual obligations we need to meet. We are working with the Flexible Office Space association (FLEX SA) on this topic who are working with the CBI. The overall focus is achieving full relief; if this is unsuccessful, we will then focus on empty rates relief to recognise this type of situation.

Please understand that any government relief and savings that are provided to our business will, of course, be passed on to our customers. We understand and share your concerns and frustrations during these uncertain commercial times. Please know that we are committed to providing you with the very best service we can and looking forward to getting back to business as usual as soon as safely possible.

As the situation changes, we will provide more updates. Please feel free to contact us via hello@orega.com with your questions.

The Orega Team



Update: 20.03.2020



Following the recent Government communication of school closure, we understand some parents are still required to attend work and may not have childcare arrangements. 

Whilst the schools are closed – due to this being an exceptional time, we will allow you to bring your children into your office.

We understand this will be at each company's discretion. If you would like to utilise this, please let your centre manager know. 

You will be required to provide a risk assessment prior to bringing in your child/children into the office and provide a copy to your centre manager. 

While your child/children are in the centre, they will be your responsibility. Orega will not accept any liability. It is important that anyone who brings their child/children (who are of an appropriate age) to their workplace is mindful of noise and other clients within the building.



To help assist your business, we are pleased to announce that we will be offering you a new smartphone app. This app turns your mobile phone into your desk phone. You can make and receive calls displaying your company number. You can set this up on all your teams' phones, and continue to work from home as you do in the office. It will follow the same hunt groups and diverts as your office phone, giving your business the same consistent service to your clients. 

Contact your centre manager to find out how you can do this.

The Orega Team



Update: 19.03. 2020

These are unprecedented and testing times for all Business’. 

At Orega, we take the health and safety of our staff and customers very seriously. We are monitoring the status of the Coronavirus - COVID-19 closely and will follow all government-issued instructions. 

We would like to reassure you that we are following the preventative measures below to mitigate risk as much as possible.


  • All staff are following best hygiene practices as advised by the government. Daily, we are speaking with our clients and own teams to understand if anyone has been tested positive for the virus, has any symptoms or is currently self-isolating to act accordingly.


  • We are implementing mirrored team strategies in our facilities from Monday, 23 March 2020, until further notice to ensure that there is a minimum chance of cross-contamination and to reduce the spread of this disease. Our staff will assess each case and act appropriately to reduce the risk.


We would kindly ask you, one of our valued customers, to keep us fully informed of any developments within your own business and confirmed COVID-19 cases of any employees that have been working in your Orega managed office.

Additionally, please let us know if you would like us to set up postal diverts or to divert any of your switchboard numbers to alternative extensions to assist with the smooth running of your business during these difficult times.  

We attach equal priority to the wellbeing, health and safety of both our staff and customers alike. We will also continue to do everything possible to reduce risk. Should you have any questions, please speak with your on-site teams. 

Thank you for your trust and support. 

The Orega Team